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HQnotes — Suffering in Silos Silently

Suffering In Silos SilentlY. (SISSY) This is one of the biggest things we fight. We are 23 locations. We have 1,620 teammates. In a given day, each one of you will encounter things, factors, conditions which are frustrating or are hassles. When those things occur, we respond to them in a variety of ways, but the responses are usually arrayed in one of two strategies: (1) we act to fix them, or (2) we choose […]

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The tributes to the late Kobe Bryant are everywhere. Quite a shocking development. A large reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised. My favorite clip so far was an end of career interview he did with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon. He was asked how he hoped he would be remembered:  “As one who didn’t waste a moment.” “Who didn’t waste a day.” Someone who was extremely blessed by God-given talent. At the same time, who didn’t take it […]

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Progress Is The Theme For 2020

Shortly, all PalletOne teammates will receive a new field manual to read and to consider in 2020. It’s a compilation of HQ Notes that have been shared with teammates over the last 15 years. These notes are meant to be food for thought and to inspire us to action. The themes of leadership, teamwork, motivation and communication will be visited often. Our experience is more folks leading when they are in the strongest position to […]

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Be A Light In Darkness

One of the things I appreciate about Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the number of quotes attributed to him that are printed on the internet. Here’s one I saw several times (including a posting from the PalletOne location in Livermore Falls): “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” Dr. King being a preacher, it shouldn’t surprise us that his inspiration comes […]

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New Year Means New Start

In case you haven’t decided what to attack in the New Year, I offer this Tweet from Brad Lea. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO: • Begin again • Let go of the past • Learn a new skill • Make better choices • Forgive yourself • Level up • Be grateful • Build new relationships • Help others • Choose happiness😃 • Go after your dreams Happy New Year!

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Get Better Every Day

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest … until your good is better and your better is best!” Heard that saying at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp almost 30 years ago. It goes along with my word for 2020, which is “progress.” Seems to me, to have a strategy to get better every day is a sound one. To get better every day doesn’t happen by mistake. You must choose to do so. Assess […]

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Great Results Come To Those Who Intend It

“Most games are lost, not won.” – Casey Stengel Stengel predates most of you. He was the leader of baseball’s New York Yankees dynasty in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Very successful and his quote caught my eye. Do you agree? On balance, when I reflect on negative outcomes in my life, they occurred when I didn’t execute. When I didn’t take care. When I didn’t play hard every play. The opportunities were lost, and I […]

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What Makes A Great Leader

Who is the best leader you ever encountered? What made that person the best? The top leaders are able to connect.  The connection comes through personal interest.  The leader is interested in you.  The leader wants to help you improve.  The connection is made through you understanding that this person will help you get to a better place. The top leaders back up connection with competence.  The knowledge and insights they are able to share […]

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Are Your Goals SMART?

Effective goals are S.M.A.R.T. Specific. Not general like “I’m going to be a better husband.”  Specific like “I’m going to support my wife by taking on the responsibility of doing the laundry.” Measurable. We can measure if I do the laundry.  I can wash all the dirty clothes daily, or we can determine that I’ll empty dirty clothes hamper when it’s full and put the clothes back in their place clean.  Washing the clothes when […]

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Your Work Culture Sets You Apart

“Culture is a competitive advantage.  A team with a great culture seems to have an extra layer of strength, tradition, resilience, belief and power that is hard to defeat. “Jon Gordon Can you put words to our culture?  How do you describe it to others? We are positive.  Positivity speaks encouragement.  Positivity believes that we have what it takes to make things better.  We believe in being positive wherever we go.  At home.  Our community.  […]

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