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  “If you put your effort, energy, and time into anything, you will get better,” Eric Vetro, singing coach. I listened to Vetro coach a guy with little singing skills and little confidence of making it. Vetro told him to quit acting like a guy who couldn’t sing and start acting like a singer; if he would then match up that belief with effort, energy, and time, he would have a better chance of winning. […]

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“Lord, save me from the sins of my tongue and the flaws of character that fuel them. Make my words honest (by taking away my fear), few (by taking away my self-importance), wise (by taking away my thoughtlessness), and kind (by taking away my indifference and irritability). Amen.” – Tim Keller I saw this prayer on Twitter. If it resonates with your spiritual side great, but it’s chock full of communication wisdom. Fear impacts honesty. […]

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“You are someone else’s experience.” What’s it like to experience you? Some craft their experience with intentional living. They project a certain image by carefully considering the way they walk, talk, act and react. Some folks don’t give it much thought at all. What you see is what you get. If others don’t like it, tough. It’s their problem, not yours. I think it’s important to consider what others experience. It’s not always easy. To […]

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  “Lead where you stand.” In these days of stress and turmoil, that’s the thread that keeps running through my brain. Work inside your circle of influence to make things better. Model the behavior you believe is right for the world. Do unto others as you desire it be done to you. Listen to understand. Lend a hand. Respect input from others. Teach and share the things you know and can do which will strengthen […]

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I’ve been listening to the following coaching podcasts: · Against the Rules, with Michael Lewis, the author of Moneyball and The Blind Side · Focus 3, with Tim Kight and football great Urban Meyer · Flying Coach, where NBA Coach Steve Kerr and NFL Coach Pete Carroll team up over a broad range of topics If you’ve worked with me awhile, you know I geek out on coaches, especially those who have been successful. These […]

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“Trust is the stacking of small moments over time, something that cannot be summoned with a command—there are either marbles in the jar or there are not.” – Brené Brown, Dare to Lead Trust – I’ve come to learn that being trusted is among the most sought-after character traits. Leadership books tell me that as CEO, our company won’t thrive if I don’t earn your trust. Hopefully, you have confidence in my leadership because of […]

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Apologies are too rare. I try to imagine the impact of a politician standing up and saying: · “We weren’t prepared, but we’re trying to make up ground…” · “We underestimated how severe this could be, but we’re working hard to turn things around…” · “We tried this, but it didn’t work. We are trying this now….” · “I wish I had all the solutions. We are learning as we go through this.” I would […]

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Mettle: (A quality of endurance and courage). This pandemic is testing us. It’s causing us to develop new skills. It’s causing us to try new things. It’s causing us to address issues that should have been addressed before. It’s causing us to address issues we didn’t know we had. It’s testing our character. We are concerned about aging parents in care facilities. We are concerned if the children in our households are getting the education […]

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I listen to a leadership expert named Tim Kight. He talks about the importance of pausing before responding to challenges and situations in the world. Pause. Gather yourself. Then respond. Reacting spontaneously has its risks. If you can pause, you ought to do so. Kight digs deeper, by describing three distinct types of pauses. 1. “Proactive” Pause. Take a proactive pause before a situation arises, considering beforehand how the situation may play out. Create an […]

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“People who believe in themselves do things that give them even more reason to believe. They adopt habits of mind that work over the long term.”- Jamil Zaki Do you believe in yourself? This is not a trick question. What struck me in Zaki’s quote above was the phrase “habits of mind.” If you’ve read my notes very long, you know I’m a fan of habits. I believe in identifying habits, because when performed, they […]

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